Distributed Data Aquisition for FSAE - 2023
WFR Data Aquisition System

In order to record the plethora of data generated by our car, I created a distributed CAN Bus based data aquisition system using a Raspberry Pi for the central processing.

Hack Western - Co:here Award Winner!

Have you ever been stuck on a daunting task? Perhaps you need a solution quickly, but there isn't a convenient tutorial ready for you? Sometimes you don't know wikiHow but you need answers wikiNow.

This Website! - 2022
Portfolio Site

In order to show case my projects, I wanted to create a Portfolio website. I took this as an oppourtinty to explore web development. Using react and Next.js I created a dynamic webiste with lots of room to grow in the future.

Discord Chat bot - 2020
Support Bot

I created a discord bot to help first year engineering students manage their workload. It reads content from a community run task list on google sheets and updates students on what they need to get done on a given day

Java Based Robot Code - 2019
FRC 2019 Robot Code

In the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC), teams have six weeks to build ~120 pound robots, that compete in an annual competition. Here's the code we worked on for Spartan Robotics' 2019 robot. I'm responsible for the arm control algorithm which uses a sin feed forward along with PID to maintain the arm position.


Safety Device for FSAE - 2023
WFR Brake System Plausibility Device

In order to insure the safety of the driver, the Brake System Plausibility Device (BSPD) uses a set of analog comparators and digital logic gates to shut off the car under certain cut-off conditions.

Schematic, Layout, & Assembly! - 2022
Triple-Motor Driver for 3-axis Finger Simulator

Designed during my time at Lawson Health Reseach's Hand and Upper Limb Center, The goal of this project was to consolidate several loose components for motor drivers and sensors into a single, easy to implement board. Overall space consumption was reduced by 200%!


FRC 5288's 2020 Robot - 2020
Spartan Robotics 2020 Robot

Designed for the 2020 FRC game, Infinite Recharge, the robot features a vectored intake, belted conveyor, as well as turreted fly-wheel shooter with an adjustable hood. While a prototype was made, unfortunately full assembly was discontinued due to the pandemic.

Design and CAD challange - 2019
CVT Gearbox

Designed back in 2019, The goal of this project was to design a continously variable transmition for use in the FIRST Robotics Compoetion. While prototypes where unsucessful, it was an amazing learning experience.